October 24, 2019
9 months and 4 days left
until our reunion.

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  The committee will be meeting soon to make plans for the 7th annual reunion at Ocean Drive, South Carolina!  If you have attended the reunion and have any suggestions for us to consider, please email us at   info@lhs60to70.com.    Include your name.  Thanks so much!!

Founded and Sponsored by the
LHS 1960 - 1970 Planning Committee


​The event is for LHS attendees who remember the Myrtle Beach Days of our youth! 



Congratulations to Karen Self Hurt for being the 100th person to pay for the reunion!  She wins a $100.00 gift card.  Way to go! 
Congratulations to June Cloninger Loftin for being the 200th person to pay for the reunion!  She wins a $100.00 gift card. Super!!!!!!!!!!

If you have items you would like to donate to the Silent Auction at the reunion, please contact Gail Mauney Little. Her email address is : gmlit6@gmail.com


All pictures that were sent to us have been entered.  If you have others you would like posted, please send or get a flash drive to Patsy or Pam.  Thank you!


Our  local Dj Johnny B just became the newest member of Riptide Radio in North Myrtle Beach. His show starts May 1, 2018 from 9:00am until 12:00 Monday thru Friday. You can pick it up on the internet  - go to Riptide page and download the app or use Tune In.  You can also click on the link at the top of this notice.

Congratulations also for being a 2018 CBMA Nominee in the following categories:

FM Radio DJ (Larry Crockett Award) - John Barkley

Internet Radio DJ- Johnny B - Riptide Radio
Club Mobile DJ - Johnny Barkley
Radio Show - Carolina Beach Party - Johnny B.

Good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The class of 1968 had their 50th Reunion
on April 21,2018. 
Here are the classmates who attended: 
1st row Chris Hoffman, Jean Caskey, Sidney Turbyfill, Wanda Roberson, Smitty Little 2nd row Brenda Cash, Martha Reynolds, Margaret Ward, Tommy Martin, Veronica Reep, Kay Nale, Diane Sisk, Linda Griggs, Reba Wright 3rd row Wally Lingerfelt, Cecila Laney, Dale Punch, Sharon Saine Hovis, Rebecca Abernethy, Pam Caskey, Vickie Biggerstaff, Linda Armstrong, Lana Seagle, Merianne Edwards 4th row Tommy Finger, Arnold Walker, Johnny Lineberger, Doug Goins, Peggy Froneberger, Jill Stevens, Ronnie McAlister, Diane Carpenter, Leon Harmon. Not pictured Florence Mullen, Rheba Leonard, Max Mauney and possibly a few others. 



Sign ups will be announced for the 2019 Reunion.  We would like to request that everyone fill out the registration form on the website or have someone else do it for you. This keeps our records straight and we are able to update the database of classmates.


The Reunion will be at OD Resort
 October 24-27,2019!   Room Rates at the resort will be announced when they have been negotiated.

 Call 1-843-249-1436 if you want to stay where the action is.  Be sure to tell them you are with the 1960-1970 LHS group.

​Don't forget we give prizes for the one hundredth, two hundredth, and three hundredth person to register and pay! 

Write your check to LHS Class of 60 to 70 and mail it to
Tommy Huskey
405 N. Poplar St
Lincolnton, NC 28092



Attention All Veterans!  We honor our veterans every year at the reunion.    

Whether you plan to attend or not, could you send an email to info@lhs60to70.com.  Tell us your name, where and when you served, which branch of service and what was your last rank? 

Please share with us your opinion and input as to what you would like to see at the Veterans Recognition Ceremony on Saturday Night.
Email to : info@lhs60to70.com




Hey Everyone!

Cornhole was a huge success last year!  Sign up early to secure your rights to play!  There is a place on the registration page to indicate that you wish to play also.

The Corn Hole Tournament at the Reunion this year will be a Mixed Tournament with a Random Drawing for Pairings! There will be cash prizes for the winners. 
For those that have signed up: When you check in for the reunion, Linda Harrill-Rudisill will let you draw for your tournament position. 
Sign-ups for the tournament will end on Wednesday October 23 at Noon!!
 If you plan to play and did not indicate on your registration,  send an  email to 




Have you ever wondered how the reunion event got started?  Our leader is Tommy Huskey and it was his idea. 
Here is his story: 



The Perfect Storm
How the LHS 1960 - 1970 Reunion was Born

-by Tommy Huskey


With the laws of "six degrees of separation" I must give Colin Rudisill the honor of being responsible for the Reunion and this is how it happened.

Five or so years ago Colin Rudisill was working in Charlotte for a Mortgage Broker. One day Colin called and mentioned that one of his former coworkers had opened a bar in Gastonia.  He asked me if I would like to ride over with him to check it out.  Of course that was a silly question.

So, we ventured over to Gastonia to Freemans Pub, at 173 W. Main Avenue.  Brad Freeman chose a nice location for his pub in old Gastonia.  It is set up nicely, provides good food, good drinks, and good fellowship. Needless to say, I started visiting the Pub from time to time.

One day I was in there and started a conversation with a gentleman who turned out to be Bob Freeman, Brad's father. Bob mentioned that he was on the committee of the West Meck/Hardin High School Reunion and he gave me his card.

It sounded like a great idea to me. I thought, "Hey we can do that with the LHS group of classmates!" I checked out the West Meck/Hardin High School Reunion website, I googled Reunions 101 and called Bob a few times for information.

The West Meck/Hardin group call their reunions "The Sixties" class of '60 to '69. Crap, if we did that I couldn't attend! You see I'm a classmate from 1970. After I made a slight change to their rules, I started assembling a planning committee. I looked through my annuals. Then I branched out to annuals belonging to friends and family members. I checked out the Class Officers of each class - 1960 to 1970. See how I cleverly added in my class?  I ran through a good many names in the first year and by the end of the year I had a list of willing accomplices. And I had an awesome group with diverse talents!

Luck was on my side!  I found people! Pam and Patsy, the "computer geniuses," Paula and Steve the "people people."  Then I asked people who had worked on individual class reunions, Ellen, Becky and Linda. Then we found Mickey Caskey, the "entertainment man"  And Rickie, the "money manager!" And of course not to forget Gail, the manager of the Silent Auction.  And my sweet wife, the "hospitality manager."  We are fortunate to have folks who join in to look after certain aspects of the reunions.  Some volunteer their trailers and personal vehicles for hauling our "stuff."  Some volunteer to manage the cornhole tounaments (Wink Finger.) The Loftins do the bingo.

Lucky again, the group kept growing into the committee we have today.  Many of them were strangers to one another before we started our journey.  Today we are like a big family.  As with any family, there were struggles and disagreements.  We made mistakes and learned from them.

If you are reading this now, you are aware of the results. We have had a great time putting this together and look forward to many more years of "Fun and Games".

So if Colin wasn't a friend and hadn't worked with Brad and Brad hadn't opened the Bar and I hadn't met Bob Freeman and I hadn't decided to put it together and I hadn't found the right people to help and we didn't have such a great relationship, I don't believe we would have a Reunion.

That's my story!   Thank You Colin Rudisill!   Now if I can just get him to come to a reunion!   Oh well, that's another story.

Thomas E. Huskey, Jr. P.E.





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Front row:  Johnny Colvard, Vickie Colvard, Pam Lineberger, Tommy Huskey, Judy Shuford, Marty Shuford  Second row:  Smit
Front row: Johnny Colvard, Vickie Colvard, Pam Lineberger, Tommy Huskey, Judy Shuford, Marty Shuford Second row: Smitty Little, Becky Crouse, Steve Valentine, Mick Caskey Third row: Pam Huskey, Ann Caldwell, Patsy Cashion, Rickie Allen, Paula Turner, Frances Baker, Bobby Baker Top Row: Ellen Lingerfelt, Linda Harrill Rudisill, Ken Rudisill, Libby Caldwell, Steve Caldwell

The original 2013 committee wants to thank
all who attended. 
You made it what it was:  

Click here to check out the live view of OD Pavilion!
Click here to check out the live view of OD Pavilion!



Call 1-843-249-1436 for Reservations to be sure you are put with our group

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Click to visit NMB Chamber of Commerce

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